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Year of publication 2010
Category Int. Conference
Title A Path Planning Algorithm for Surveillance UAVs with Timing Mission Constrains
Author 최기영,  유창경,  임찬욱,  박상혁,  조정희
Journal title International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems 2010
Publication date Oct. 27-30, 2010
Volume & Other data pp.2371-2375
Abstract In this paper, we propose a path generation algorithm with timing mission constrains in consideration of observing equipments, required observation time, line of sight, and flight capability of a UAV for effective ISR missions. The proposed algorithm is composed of the following steps: (1) target's modeling for LOS ranging, equipments performance, (2) the determination of target observation order the based on modified TSP(Travelling Salesman Problem) with time constraints, (3) the determination of line segments for target observation following target observation order, and (4) the generation Dubins curve for connecting line segments. Although the proposed method provides only a suboptimal solution, it is practical and produces a reference path for a UAV with ISR missions in almost real time.
Keywords Path generation; Path planning; Segment; Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP); Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows (TSPTW); Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV); Dubins curve; Target modeling; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR);
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