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Year of publication 2013
Category Dom. Journal
Title 레이저 고도계 및 GPS를 이용한 무인기의 자동이착륙용 지면고도계산 알고리듬 설계
Author 조상욱,  최기영,  김성수
Journal title 한국항공우주학회지
Publication date 2013.01
Volume & Other data 제 41권, 제 1호, pp. 217-225
Abstract This paper presents a ground altitude determination algorithm using a laser altimeter and GPS for automatic take-off and landing of UAV. The characteristics of the laser altimeter was analyzed in ground tests and a low-pass filter was designed to reduce the effect of signal interruption due to reflectivity problem. The paper shows that a single sensor cannot measure ground altitude appropriately in terms of reliability and accuracy. To complement shortcomings of the laser altimeter, the linear Kalman filter was designed using DGPS vertical speed. Designed filter was validated and tuned through the steps of simulation, ground test and flight test. It was confirmed that the accuracy for automatic landing is achievable.
Keywords UAV(무인기), Automatic Take-off and Landing(자동이착륙), Laser Altimeter(레이저 고도계), DGPS, Ground Altitude(지면고도)
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File  레이저_고도계_및_GPS를_이용한_무인기의_자동이착륙용_지면고도계산_알고리듬_설계.pdf (557.8K) [20] DATE : 2014-06-05 13:30:42