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Year of publication 2013
Category Dom. Journal
Title 적외선 영상탐색기를 탑재한 대함유도탄-함정방어체계 교전모의 프로그램 개발
Author 박상섭,  김도완,  최기영,  김정호,  유창경
Journal title 한국항공우주학회지
Publication date 2013.05
Volume & Other data 제 41권, 제 5호, pp. 373-382
Abstract In this paper, in order to analyze the performance of a decoy system for ship defense against an anti-ship missile(ASM) with an infrared image(IIR) seeker, the modeling and engagement simulation program is introduced. The IIR seeker on the ASM detects the infrared signal of ship from a distance and approaches the ship based on proportionalnavigation guidance(PNG) or impact angle control guidance(IACG). Hence the guidance performance of the ASM is basically depend on the target tracking algorithm of the seeker as well as the infrared signal of the ship. Using the developed program, we can investigate the effect of the ship decoy system such as flares and surface cooling system of the ship with respect to various kinds of tracking algorithms of the IIR seeker of the ASM.
Keywords Anti-Ship Missile(대함유도탄), IIR-Seeker(적외선 영상탐색기), Tracking Algorithm(추적 알고리듬), Decoy(기만기), Engagement Simulation Program(교전모의 프로그램)
Issn Number
File  적외선영상탐색기를탑재한대함유도탄함정방어체계교전모의프로그램개발.pdf (723.3K) [34] DATE : 2014-06-05 13:35:26