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Year of publication 2010
Category Int. Conference
Title Design the Filter to Calibrate of Magnetometer's Hard Iron Distortion Error with Sun LOS Vector
Author 이혜탄,  장세아,  유창경,  최기영
Journal title 2010 Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Aerospace Technology
Publication date Sep. 13-15, 2010
Volume & Other data pp.682-685
Abstract This paper proposes a method of calibrating a magnetometer using the sun line of sight(SLOS) vector. The method uses Kalman filter to estimate magnetometer's hard iron distortion error before operating GPS/MAG/INS(GPS and Magnetometer aided Inertial Navigation System). This calibration method needs just once measurement in stationary state, so it is much easier and faster than bidirectional method. The SLOS vector is easily measured by optical sensors like a camera. As we know the current time and LLA(Latitude, Longitude, Altitude) position, we can find the attitude of SLOS vector using astronomical almanac. The attitude of system can be estimated using the attitude information of SLOS vector. So, the filter estimates the error of magnetometer, which is hard iron distortion error, by comparing the north vector calculated from magnetometer with the exact north vector from attitude. In this paper the error and calibration solution of magnetometer has been introduced. And the filter formulation using SLOS vector is proposed. The estimated error has been verified by vehicle test
Keywords GPS/MAG/INS, magnetometer, calibration, hard iron distortion error
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