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Year of publication 2014
Category Int. Conference
Title Reconstruction of Taxiing path on the Airport
Author 한승호,  홍주현,  유창경,  최기영
Journal title SICE Annual Conference 2014
Publication date Sep. 9-12, 2014
Volume & Other data pp. 1748-1751
Abstract Flight trajectory can be divided into two categories; taxiing path that means trajectory of passing through the airport runway, taxiway on the ground and In-flight path that means trajectory of flying through the air using the Navigation Equipment. Compared to the taxiing path, In-flight path exist enough data for calculating accurate position data. In this paper, runways, taxiways of each airport, ground speed and direction angle data recorded on the QAR are used to generate the taxiing path. With this information, we can get the scale factor of the ground speed and the bias of direction angle that are used to optimize. As a result, the optimized taxiing path is calculated by using these parameters.
Keywords Quick access recorder, Flight trajectory reconstruction, Taxiing path
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