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Year of publication 2012
Category Dom. Conference
Title Study of Flight Control Mode for Unmanned Helicopter
Author 김정성,  이길호,  조성범,  장세아,  최기영
Journal title 한국항공우주학회 학술발표회 논문집
Publication date
Volume & Other data pp.1224-1228
Abstract In this paper, we propose auto flight control modes for unmanned helicopter. We defined basic auto flight control components such as lateral, longitudinal velocity control, altitude control and heading control using auto flight control mode analysis of unmanned helicopter. Based on above-mentioned components we defined basic auto flight control mode as hovering, forward flight, waypoint navigation flight. Finally, we suggested advanced auto flight control mode of loitering mode, waypoint flight using basic auto flight control component and basic auto flight control mode.
Keywords Auto flight control mode(자동비행모드), Unmanned Helicopter(무인 헬기), Waypoint Guidance(경로점 유도법칙), Line-of-Sight Guidance(시선각 유도법칙)
Issn Number
File  무인_헬리콥터의_자동비행_운용모드에_관한_연구.pdf (329.8K) [14] DATE : 2014-05-30 16:10:33