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Year of publication 2013
Category Dom. Conference
Title Operation System Configuration to Allocate Tasks for Multiple UAVs
Author 김성균,  조상욱,  유창경,  최기영
Journal title 한국항공우주학회 학술발표회 논문집
Publication date
Volume & Other data pp.1106-1110
Abstract This study deals with the configuration of the operation system that allocates the tasks for each UAV when multiple UAVs carry out missions. In order to perform successful missions, the operation system that is able to communicate among the UAVs and MCS must be properly configured, and the task allocation algorithm that executes efficient task allocation must be designed. In this study, system requirements in operational aspects of multiple UAVs are specified.
Keywords UAV(무인기), Multiple UAV(복수 무인기), Task Allocation(임무할당), Operating System
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