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Year of publication 2010
Category Dom. Conference
Title 통합항법 센서시스템의 실시간 OS 적용방안 연구
Author 조상욱,  김성환,  최기영,  유창경,  김성수
Journal title 국방과학연구소 창설 40주년 기념 종합학술대회 논문집
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Abstract Trajectory optimization has been usually performed to determine the thrust attitude profile for a launch vehicle during the powered flight for the orbit insertion of a satellite. However, mere following such an optimized thrust attitude profile does not be guarantee thee exact orbit insertion due to uncertainties included in the launch vehicle and the environment. In this paper, an explicit guidance scheme for a upper stage is presented for exact orbit insertion of payload. The proposed guidance scheme separately produces the guidance in the vertical and the horizontal channel. A difference between desired altitude and current altitude is reduced by the vertical guidance command and a difference between desired inclination and current inclination is reduced by the horizontal guidance command.
Keywords orbit insertion,upper stage, closed-loop guidance
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File  통합항법 센서시스템의 실시간 OS 적용방안 연구.pdf (289.9K) [16] DATE : 2014-06-03 22:16:15