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Year of publication 2011
Category Dom. Journal
Title 모델기반 자동코드 생성과 실시간 운영체제 기반 무인기용 비행제어시스템 탑재 프로그램 개발
Author 김성환,  조상욱,  김성수,  유창경,  최기영
Journal title 한국항공우주학회지
Publication date 2011
Volume & Other data pp. 979-986
Abstract In this paper, an embedded program of a flight control system for a small high performance UAV is introduced. The program consists of modules for device management and guidance and control. The device management system handles navigation sensors and mission equipments. The program for the guidance and control system is used to accomplish various kinds of missions and realize automation of flight control. Driver programs embedded in the device management system for operation of sensors and external devices are based on Texas Instrument's DSP/BIOS RTOS(realtime operating system). The on-board programs for the guidance and control system is obtained by using the model-based auto code generation technology.
Keywords Model-Based Development, Auto Code Generation, Real-Time Operating System, UAV, Flight Control Software, DSP/BIOS, RTOS
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File  모델기반 자동코드 생성과 실시간 운영체제 기반 _심사 첫번째.hwp (712.5K) [14] DATE : 2014-06-05 14:10:23