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Year of publication 2011
Category Dom. Journal
Title 복수 무인기 네트워크 통합 운영 시스템 개발
Author 김성환,  조상욱,  김성수,  유창경,  최기영
Journal title 한국항공우주학회지
Publication date 2011
Volume & Other data pp. 1042-1051
Abstract In this paper, a total operating environment equipped with onboard wireless communication systems and ground-based mission control systems is proposed for automatic formation flight of multiple UAVs. A variety of operating structures are studied and classified systematically based on types and usages of the components. For each operating system, the strength, weakness and reliability aspects are investigated. Based on these results, a proper operating system configuration is determined and components are developed accordingly. The amount of control command latency from external pilot is also studied.
Keywords UAV, Formation Flight, Mission Control System, Ground Control System, Formation Operating System
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File  복수 무인기 네트워크 통합 운영 시스템 개발_1차 심사파일.hwp (3.3M) [18] DATE : 2014-06-05 14:09:12